As a leader

Noriaki Hosoya Trio Landscapes: album "Noriaki Hosoya Trio Landscapes"

Recorded on June 2009 & released on April, 2010


Noriaki Hosoya: Electric and Acoustic Bass & Compositions

Takahiko Sugiyama: Piano

Naoki Aikawa: Drums


You can listen some tracks on my "Music" page.


Please contact me from "Contact" page for farther info & to get an actual album.

Here's some review about this album; Noriaki Hosoya Trio Landscapes (Japanese Only)

As a band / co-leader

New Experimental Electric Bass Duo Wurstkäse: album "WURSTKÄSE"

Recorded on November 2016 & released on June 2017


Noriaki Hosoya: 6 string fretted & fretless basses

Yusuke Morita: 4 & 6 string basses

Akira Nakamura: Drums

Falk Bonitz Trio: album "Märzsonne"

Recorded on and mixed at Studio P4 in March 2013.

Released on 2013


Falk Bonitz: Piano

Noriaki Hosoya: Electric Bass and Double Bass

Yatziv Caspi: Drums


"Märzsonne" is available since 12th of March 2016 on;

iTunes (Germany)


Google Play


Find "Märzsonne" on iTunes in your country, for example;


iTunes (U.S. store)

iTunes (Japanese Store)

iTunes (Israeli store)

For more info, and order CD; Falk Bonitz Trio's Website

Rachelle Jeanty: album "Higher Ground"

Recorded & released on 2011


Rachelle Jeanty: Vocals, Background Vocals & Percussions

Eric St-Laurent: Guitar

Noriaki Hosoya: Bass

Jean Fernand Girard: Piano

Robert Cummings: Sound Engineer

Kentaro Kaneko: album "Way to your heart"

Released on June, 2010, also on sale in iTunes


Kentaro Kaneko: Guitar & Compositions

Ayumi Unno: Sax

Takahiko Sugiyama: Piano

Noriaki Hosoya: Bass

Naoki Aikawa: Drums

Kenichi Kikugawa: Programing

Link to iTunes page; iTunes Music

As a sideman

Reina Hibiki: album "Gun and the woman"

Recorded on August, 2010 & released on 2011


Hibiki Reina: Vocals

Shinya Sato: Piano

Kyosuke Ohashi: Guitar

Noriaki Hosoya: Bass

Kyoko Arita: Drums

Takashi Hayakawa: Sax

K-Ta: Vibraphone

Takeki Ygal Muto: Lyrics & Compositions

ARiTA+: album "ARiTA+"

Released on April, 2010, also on sale in iTunes


Kyoko Arit: Drums & Compositions

Kenichiro Yoshida: Trumpet

Takuya Osumi: Sax

Yoshimasa Kasahara: French Horn

Chieko Kikuchi: Piano

Takahiko Sugiyama: Piano

Yuko Okamoto:Piano

Norihiro Kikuta: Guitar

Masashi Maeda: Guitar

Kentaro Kaneko: Guitar

Noriaki Hosoya: Bass

Masahiro Sawada: Bass

Kohei Tsunami: Bass

Tsukasa Magome: Bass

Various Artists: album "TOYAMA Creative Voice vol.2"

Recorded live on February, 2008 & released on August, 2008


Ai Onae



We3: album "We3"

Recorded & released on December, 2008


Naoki Aikawa: Drums

Tak Miyazawa: Guitar

Noriaki Hosoya: Bass

Noriaki Hosoya

Born in Japan, studied at Berklee College of Music Boston, U.S. and now lives in Europe.

Playing Jazz to Funk, Pop to Latin, elastically fit with any kind of music with keeping his identity as a bass player.

"His playing is very sophisticated; solid & tight and really melodic at the same time. He lets the bass singing"