Press Photos

Here are the press photos of Noriaki. Please download high resolution photos below.

All Photos by Russ Smith (, except the third one by Neda Navaee (

noriakihosoya 2016-1
photo by Russ Smith (
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noriakihosoya 2016-2
photo by Russ Smith (
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noriakihosoya in the woods
photo by Neda Navaee (
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noriakihosoya 2013-1
photo by Russ Smith (
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noriakihosoya in action
photo by Russ Smith (
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Noriaki Hosoya

Born in Japan, studied at Berklee College of Music Boston, U.S. and has been active in Europe, now lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Playing Jazz to Funk, Pop to Latin, elastically fit with any kind of music with keeping his identity as a bass player.

"His playing is very sophisticated; solid & tight and really melodic at the same time. He lets the bass singing"